Kardtrick(tm)–Performance on a Grand Scale, spanning the World….

Kardtrick is a lucid dream inducing card game designed by philosopher Terrence Ross.  It is played with a regular, 52 card deck of playing cards.  Beginners play it just before sleep as a game of solitaire.  Outwardly, one appears to be playing a regular game of cards, inwardly, a unique mnemonic and meditative process develops.   With each card, the player invokes scenarios associated through easily learned mnemonic techniques each of which contains suggestions to empower dreaming. 

Soon, great changes will be seen in the night’s vista, dreams once static and unchangeable become  charged with amazing growth and possibility.  Lucid dreams will be initiated which tremendously effect the mind  of the player and possibly even other people’s mind’s.

Some players find that lucid dreaming is like a key to enhanced mental capabilities.  Moreover, the entirety of this game is imbued with a sense that it is a vehicle through which the world will change for the better.  This sense of mission further charges and streamlines the player’s dreaming.  This process is known as the correction of Dreaming.

As modernity has developed, forces such as alienation and materialism have compounded in the generations negatively, producing a situation where people no longer dream as the human species was intended.  Kardtrick is the vehicle through which this vital function can be unearthed in its original design.

Kardtrick is designed to  spread, as part of  a great “theatrical” performance performance regarding the deconstruction of nuclear weapons.
As such, the “Trick” is now spreading  across the world through all cultures and establishing a sub-culture which is the master of weapons of mass destruction– I think many of us would agree that weapons of mass destruction are the number one problem facing the world today.   This Game is the equal of that Problem, it is specifically designed to network human mentality into an Emergent power which strikes those horrendous weapons, dominating all history since their entrance into history in 1945,  back into the sea of unconscious energy from which they arose.
But we need your help to spread this game, and we would appreciate it if you would donate to KardtricK.    You will be helping establish the greatest performance the world has ever seen–and  one can be sure that this action will cost a certain amount of money.  In fact, it might even be expensive.  However, deconstructing nuclear weapons will be the richest act of all human endeavors, the so-called diamond deed.  It will enrich humanity in ways that we can barely imagine right now, and initiate an higher order problem solving process.  So it is going to be worth it!

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