The Haunted House

All through the nuclear era I have dreamt of the Haunted House.  It has appeared to me again and again.  It is a constant feature in my dreams.  I know it is the House I must enter and which contains, perhaps, what Derrida would have called the spectral–in this case, the spectral nuclear weapons.

Last night i dreamed I was in a house and I asked a guy who was with me if he wanted to go up this huge staircase and explore a wing of the house that he hadn’t been too in years.  He agreed.  So we trudged down long hallways and found a door that was dusty with a huge padlock.  Unlocking it with a skeleton key, it swung open.  Three being turned to look at us–three humans sitting at a table playing cards.  They were just sitting there in the forgotten wing of the house, playing a game.

I realize now the significance of it now–it was that they were playing a game of cards.  How very strange that it is so obvious to me now but I did not get that this morning.  The house was Castalia and the game that they were playing was a game of cards.


the haunted world of the nuclear era

Welcome to the haunted world of the nuclear era!

I’m sure I am the first person to welcome you here, into this world, into which you were most probably born.  Did you know that there were no nuclear weapons before the year 1945?  It’s true.  Maybe you didn’t know that, and that’s OK too.  You’re a beginner, and in a way, this is the ultimate place to develop Beginner’s Mind.